Kayak down the lazy river with Mark Fraser

Nov 23, 2010 by

Kayak down the lazy river with Mark Fraser

Mark Fraser shows us how much you can see from the quiet of a kayak on a smooth-running flat river in spring. River systems become highways for a range of species from semi aquatic mammals to birds, reptiles and of course fish. If you just coast along drifting quietly with the current the chances are you will see many different species either in, or near the waters edge. It has always amazed me that the chicks of many water fowl species like the Hooded Mergansers, can instantly bolt underwater and swim away to protect themselves. They grow to become amazing fisherman catching their prey as they swim along like experts underwater. It’s an incredible journey paddling along this beautiful river and a real treat to have you come along for the wildlife by Kayak adventure. Clean fresh water is one of the single most important habitats that we need to protect.

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  1. Rita Brunn

    Mark, yes, one’s backyard is a great place to view wildlife!

  2. Rita Brunn

    Hi Mark,

    Thoroughly enjoyed your adventure!

    It reminded me that the Eagles will be migrating through our area at the end of January and I plan to view them at Starved Rock State Park in our state (Illinois).

    I have had the pleasure of seeing a Black Hooded Merganzer (the male) in nearby Arlington Heights hanging out at a water retention pond where there is also a biking and hiking trail.

    Did I miss the name of the River and the area in which your excellent encounter with nature was filmed?

    I’m looking forward to viewing more of your activities!

  3. Eve forcinel

    Hi Mark, What a wonderful trip. It’s been to long since I’ve had a outing of that kind. However I could feel as well as see the scenerity of pure nature. I also enjoyed the fitting music of the flute. Great Job, thank you.