Future Tense – OMG!

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Future Tense – OMG!

The progress of human intelligence is astounding. In every area of endeavor, progress has been exponentially astonishing. The punishment for having accumulated too much knowledge in the “olden days” was to burn intellectual superiors at the stake. Now business leaders and educators glorify knowledge as THE solution to all problems because a well-educated worker fits more readily into the mold of production than one who is not. An educated worker does not require the time and cost to train thereby fulfilling the profit motive of industry. That’s not all bad, unless the profit motive turns to corporate greed that leads to hiring educated lobbyists who bribe educated politicians into creating laws that benefit the corporation rather than the consumer for whom the corporation fabricates goods for the uneducated to use. Perhaps, in a future world, business leaders and educators will be one and the same.Perfect Day

May I invite you to take a journey with me? It won’t be an easy expedition. You will have to open every portal of your mind to new ideas and thinking. Walk the narrow and rocky path of imagination to a different time and a different world, a world of equals, a world where the importance is on living not dying, on enjoying sustenance, not spending every waking moment trying to find food to stay alive, and the surging struggle of the earth’s population will be the satisfying exploration of relationships between one another and, perhaps, to a lesser degree, the exploration of the cosmos. Where being a human is glorified, not subjected to slavery of any kind, where each and every one would enjoy every day on earth, not just exist until death claims their future.

In this world of my imagination, we will see humans, worried more about the state of the earth’s orbit and the effects that will have on their future, rather than the two most important effects we live with today, living and dying. For a small minority of the residents of the earth today life is a treasured experience. We bumble on through life seeking its meaning by attending football games, joining the country club or smoking dope while the great majority of the residents of this planet spend most of their waking hours trying to find a cup of clean water to drink and a bit of food to stay alive. But, whether we like it or not, our lives are technically in the hands of medical scientists seeking perpetual existence. Within the last century, we have seen the life span of adult human beings raised from roughly 47 years for a male and 50 years for a woman to 79 years for a male and 82 years for a woman. That’s a progression of nearly 50% in less than one hundred years.

Extrapolate that out a few hundred years and we will probably see the earth populated by a race of slightly tan, 180 year old humans with a slight slant to their eyes and so intelligent that they will speak in letters, letters that began as abbreviations of words and phrases in the 21st century (think LOL, OMG or FYI). The captivating results of “Texting” set the table for an international language that may cross all lines of understanding and intelligence.

What a fascinating world it should be, a world where the emphasis is on sustaining life, not facilitating death. The population of the 24th century will very likely embrace a setting where replacement parts for their bodies have been grown from birth. All organs necessary to survive would be started at birth and grow at the same rate as the originator. When a new heart is needed to sustain life it will already have been assembled, cell-by-cell, in a laboratory where it beats slowly as it awaits transplantation. New kidneys, livers, spleens, lungs, bones, skin, and yes, even eyes will be available to tomorrow’s residents of earth. The mystery of eye transplantation will have been solved by laser welding of the optic nerve so that all would enjoy sight. Would a conversation between a transplantation expert (TE) and a doctor (DR.) who has determined there is a need go something like this. “Sr, I ask tt u instl nu Is in ths prsn. Hs site’s dwndng rpdly nd he wud lyk 2 hv thm 4 hs 160th bd prty nxt wk.” Translated the doctor asks, “Sir, I ask that you install new eyes in this person. His sight’s dwindling rapidly and he would like to have them for his 160th birthday party next week.”

Or perhaps with the evolution of medicine we will be able to speak directly to our medical problems. If one does get a virus it might be that one will say “Hey virs #707 my bdy defndrs r rdy fr u. I m implmtng cure #33 2 wrd u off. U’r hstry.”
Which translates to “Hey virus number 707, my body defenders are ready for you. I am implementing cure number 33 to ward you off. You’re history.”

Replacement body parts and speaking directly to your ills will be only one of many contributions to extending life. Great strides in mental health will replace tormented fears of the 21st century. A citizen of the 24th century will be sent to a mental health parlor where they will be hooked up to an analyzer much like today’s EKG machines for treatment. All fears and tribulations, small as they are, will be absorbed through wires and discarded into cyberspace.

And, as if that weren’t enough, the same person, after he has his mind cleared of doubts and fears, will attend college a few doors down from the mental health clinic. The machines that cleared the mind of doubt and fear will seem trivial compared to those in the education forum where with a few wires connected to the head, arms and chest, knowledge will be electronically pumped into the brain, creating all of those little wrinkles that today’s brain gets through years of study and experience. Are you still with me on our expedition? Wow! What a world.

But hold on a minute, if everyone is impressed with all of the knowledge of the world by a machine, who is left to teach and who is left to learn? If all are mentally healthy, with no problems of fear or doubt, who is left to be recipients of charity? Where are the homeless, with their signs of “Will work for food?” What will the burial details in the Sudan, Haiti, Africa, China, India Bolivia, North Korea and yes, even America and other parts of the overpopulated, underfed world do when they have no starved bodies to bury? If everyone has a do-it-yourself kit of replacement parts awaiting transplantation, who is left to bury anyway?

The cemeteries of the world will be turned into doggie parks, the hospitals will become empty museums of the past with garish displays of scalpels, saws, iron lungs and metal hip and knee implants and used only for implantation of new body parts. The great libraries of the world will gather dust, as everyone knows everything that is in them (We are suddenly back from our trip to the future.) anywaze. Ya know what I mean? Does anyone know, did “The Great Houdini” ever make it back?

More later, I gotta go get my prescription fer my pain pills filled and take my dog fer a walk in the cemetery!
Hope you enjoyed the trip.

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  1. Eve forcinel

    John this the second time I’ve tried to comment on your wonderful work. maybe it will go through this time. I don’t think we will have to wait for 200 years for these things to come to pass. I especially like the taking in letters. I have a hard time now trying to decipher some messages my grandkids send to me. I enjoy your writing style very much. Your intelligent points are enhanced by the humor which teases my senses. Just want you to know how important your contribution is to us and let you know your talents are appreciated. Thanks John