A Personal Haunting

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A Personal Haunting

They’re there. You know they are. The uninvited shadows in the night that grab at you when you aren’t looking. The sounds in the night you hear when you try and shut your mind. They’re out there. They are haunting you. You. They want you….. What are they?

haunted house

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Personal stress and trauma are very real and can be frightening to live with. If you or someone you know suffers from overwhelming stress or trauma there are very effective treatments available today that work on a deeper level and work more rapidly than ever before.  If you think these therapies, Brainspotting or EMDR, could release you or someone you love from the prison of overwhelming stress or trauma, please help yourself or them by contacting one of the following organizations for a referral to a professional in your area:

To find a trained Brainspotting therapist in your area contact visit the International Brainspotting Directory.

For an explanation of Brainspotting, listen to the Moments Count Interview with Brainspotting discoverer, Dr. David Grand or read more about Brainspotting here.

To find a trained EMDR therapist in your area use this web resource outside the United States.

And use this web resource inside the United States.

For an explanation of EMDR therapy, it’s history and uses, please visit this website.

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