Nothing Is Lost

Oct 27, 2010 by

Nothing Is Lost

One of the nice things about writing beyond the wisdom I live is that at times when my thinking has gotten all messed up I have my own words in some file, here or there on my computer, to help put me back on track. It is odd, yet wonderful. I wrote this piece this past June. I needed to read it tonight. I didn’t know it was the piece I needed to read until I read it.

There is no effort that is lost.
There is no experience that is wasted.
There is not anything that goes un-utilized in wakening
To What Is.

I will not presume to tell you What Is.
I couldn’t anyway, it is beyond words.
I will tell you, as many times as you need to hear,
Nothing is ever lost.

No experience can fail to lead us to awakening,
Good or bad, it is all the fuel that ushers in Awareness.
There is but one purpose for anything,
To know What Is.

And What Is will absolutely succeed in getting our full attention.
It will use everything that arises to do so.
What Is, is that which causes us to seek peace, equality, balance, joy.
I tell you, nothing is lost.

I tell you, fulfillment of our desire for the goodness we seek is the only possibility.

Photo Credit: Valli Keller

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  1. Elizabeth Wescott

    Thank you, Paula. Isn’t it wonderful to read the work of others that reminds us of what we know!! I find it just incredible!

  2. Paula O'Sullivan

    Elizabeth, I just love this, it is so true. ‘ No experience can fail to lead us to awakening’ Oh yes, and it does inevitably lead us to awareness too, and yes nothing is lost… excellent !


  3. Eve forcinel

    It is what it is!!!