Baby Bison in Spring

Oct 27, 2010 by

Baby Bison in Spring

The American Bison is a massive and ancient species. They are the largest land animal in all of North America with Bulls weighing over a ton! One glance is all it takes to be swept away to an ancient time. The species is also commonly referred to as “Buffalo” however they are not closely related to the species actually called Buffalo that live in other parts of the world. Bison live to approx 25 years of age. They have two coats one an inner layer of warm fur and also a thick “guard” coat on the outside.

The Young Bison Calves are absolutely full of youthful energy and can stand within 30 minutes and run within a few hours of birth! This is a survival adaptation as predators like wolves and Bears would make a quick meal of a calf if they can catch one. Mother Bison protect their young by staying in the herd and when there is a bull nearby they will help defend the herd from predators. Watching them as the sun begins to set I noticed they seem to be more active at dusk and would almost always be running full sprint chasing and playing with other young calves. They are weaned in a little over 6 months from their birth which usually occurs between April and June. This film was taken in early spring and the baby bison still had their orange color fur.

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