Train – MTV EXIT

Oct 21, 2010 by

Train – MTV EXIT

It happens everywhere.

It’s in your country. It’s in your city. It’s in your town.

What will you do when it’s in front of you?


  1. You are absolutely correct, Rose! It is NOT something to address directly with the trafficker, for as you mention, this is about their profits. These traffickers consider these people a monetary commodity and they are prepared to protect their “property”. They have paid for their “chattel” and they do not consider it your business or anyone else’s what they do with it. Therefore, it is imperative that you notify someone is an authoritative position in the situation. As you mentioned, going to the stewardess or train personnel, or if there was any law enforcement or security personnel on board, that also would be an appropriate step. It is also necessary to remember, this is also to maintain the safety of the trafficked person . You see, they have “outed” themselves to you. They need you to handle it in a way that, as much as possible ensures their safe retrieval or they will suffer later consequences at the hands of the trafficker for their breach, which could be anything from beatings, continual punishment rape or death. So it is imperative to handle such a situation by realizing you are an emissary, you are responsible for getting the revealed information to the next person in the chain who can bring law enforcement into the situation quickly and efficiently.

  2. Great sets of questions, Sandi!! Here on the website we have the Stop Slavery section. This is intended for exactly the purposes you are requesting, to offer resources for all kinds of ways you can participate in abolishing slavery. This is a serious global issue and it needs all of us to commit our energies, in ways that meet our personal strengths, to change the ways that it has been allowed to happen and how it is happening.
    This section will constantly be updated because the movement against human trafficking and global slavery is growing. There are different organizations and resources being established continually to create roadblocks to enslavement and successful tracks to freedom. We here at The Moments Count Journal are committed to making sure you have everything we can provide you with to succeed as an Abolitionist!!! 🙂

  3. Rose

    I do not know what me will do … not yet at the moment …
    It touch me … and make me think …
    what me would do …
    I think I would go to the stewardess .. to tell … to ask about how we can help

    What we can do?
    First … there will be no market … without demand …

    But to help the women …
    we cannot do alone … they are profis and act I am sure will full violance
    when we notice … notice all carefully go aside and call police, women center or somebody in authority ..
    i am not sure we can do alone …
    but never close eyes and turn …
    when we do this
    we are as well guilty

  4. Sandi Severson

    Wow! That get’s a person’s attention. Great video. Such an unfortunate subject. If I was the person in that young man’s position, I would stay safe. I hope I would keep aware enough to pay attention. Then I would report this ASAP. So difficult when something like this is RIGHT in front of you. Becoming another victim would not benefit anyone. I don’t see how anyone could ignore it.

    Now going beyond the obvious: Let me ask you the question: what can we do to help when it is not OBVIOUSLY RIGHT in front of us. Can we volunteer, give money, offer safe housing? I need to be educated and I thank you so much for finding out and helping to bring this to the forefront of my mind.
    Sandi Severson