Mirror, mirror, on the wall. What the…

Oct 21, 2010 by

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. What the…

I have posed the question before and have never gotten an adequate answer. Perhaps this time someone will be able to satisfy my curiosity?

The question: What form of matter exists between the reflection of a person and a mirror?

Perhaps I should modify the question to: What form of matter exists between a material object and the mirror reflecting it?

The first question came to mind while I was shaving the other day. I looked into the mirror and saw an old man with a two-day growth of stubble on his face, a face full of wrinkles, hooded, devious eyes and tired lines. Wait a minute, that can’t be right! There must be some mistake. What trick was time and space playing on me? I was positive that two days ago there had been a clean-shaven, much younger, wrinkle free almost godly image with no hoods on the eyes, looking back at me.Surprised

If time and space are the basis for all things universal, as Stephen Hawking will have us believe, then what exists between me and my mirror? Is some small organization of electrons ie. atoms ie. unbalanced atoms ie. Ions, ie. electromotive force, ie. matter, ie. me, standing before my mirror shaving, real? Is there some insignificant amount of electron organization flowing between me and my mirror? If not, then why the reflection? Does what I see in the mirror truly reflect what is there? Or are we being fooled by a capricious Mother Nature that dictates, much like the mirror in Snow White, only a desired reflection and not a true image. That must be the case as I know that I am not that old man cutting through a two-day stubble of white whiskers.

What should be reflected when I peer into my mirror is a Grecian god-like figure, curls abounding on my head, not skin from pattern baldness. The face that peers back at me should reflect strength and beauty, not a sagging chin line and wrinkles around tired eyes. The body should be dressed in armor, even if it is a skirt, and the strong hands should be holding a sword of deliverance, not an electric razor.
“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Should you share my mirror when I shave, you’ll see the electrons ie. atoms ie. unbalanced atoms ie. ions ie. electromotive force ie. matter, bouncing through space and time between my mirror and me does not reflect the truth of “time and space”. What you’ll see is a capricious Mother Nature surely playing a joke on me ’cause what I see in that “looking glass”, even with the beard gone, sure as hell ain’t me!

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