All I need – MTV and Radiohead partner to stop forced child labor

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All I need – MTV and Radiohead partner to stop forced child labor

Radiohead, one of the world’s top bands, participates in MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) campaign, a partnership between the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and MTV to raise awareness about human trafficking. The collaboration takes the MTV EXIT campaign to a global audience, reaching as many as 560 million households worldwide.

As part of this effort, Radiohead released a music video on MTV to the track All I Need, from its album In Rainbows. Filmed by Oscar-winning cinematographer John Seale (“The English Patient”) and award-winning director Steve Rogers, the video depicts a day in the life of both an affluent youngster and a child making shoes in a sweatshop, sending a message that everyone plays a role in trafficking and exploitation.

MTV looks for innovative ways to present important issues such as human trafficking to its audience, said Bill Roedy, Vice Chairman MTV Networks. “Trafficking is a crime that violates the basic rights of its victims: the rights to freedom, equality, and dignity.”

The MTV EXIT campaign seeks to educate and transform people’s views about trafficking and exploitation while providing a platform for NGOs, governments and law enforcement agencies to prevent trafficking and assist victims.

MTV EXIT television programming is produced rights-free and is free of charge for all broadcasters and organizations. The programming is also available to be streamed and downloaded from MTV

For more information on USAID and its programs to combat human trafficking around the world, visit USAID here.

Child labor is rampant all over the world. These photographs were taken by photojournalist GMB Akash in Bangladesh and are featured as part of a series of photographs of child laborers in Bangladesh on photojournalist Zoriah‘s blog.

Textile factory owner beating child laborer.


  1. Brooke

    Yes, Gale! We have a page available here on the website “What Can I Do To Stop Human Trafficking” because, like yourself, in recognizing the injustice people want to know “What can I do to stop this!” and we were finding we could not answer fast enough or specifically enough for each individual’s interest area. So we created this page for this purpose. We hope it helps. Please, we ask that anyone and everyone ask if you want additional info or have extra resources. We want and need your to help us expand the resources in ways that can assist you.

  2. We must prove ourselves to be better human beings than this! It’s a real sadness to walk in these shoes…