Social Revolution – You’re the App for That!

Sep 30, 2010 by

Social Revolution – You’re the App for That!

Malcolm Gladwell, the author of The Tipping Point and Blink, doesn’t believe social media can make revolutionary change in society.

I disagree. Because before the internet and now and ever, revolutionary change in society has to do with you and me.

We are the app for that.

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  1. Brooke

    My friend, it honors me to have you write this comment, as you have. For knowing the depth of your active socio-political history, as I do, I am aware you have made human rights, equality for all and social freedom the underpinning of your life, both private and professional. Thank you, you have gifted me with this insightful praise, namaste, dear friend.

  2. Brooke

    Absolutely, Adele!!! Who knows where that might lead…. and who may be touched by your ripples in the water that you’ll never see…. and the world will be ever changed… namaste.

  3. Donna J Morask

    While listening to this, a song by Meg Christian comes to mind… “Let us be like drops of water falling on the stone, lifting, shifting, dispersing in air, weaker than the stone by far but be aware that as time goes by the rock will wear away…” So how does this relate? Well the power of information, the written or spoken word, may be spoken or the written word read, many times over with no apparent effect; yet with enough ears listening and enough eyes reading, change, realization and illumination cause something new to take form. A new idea, inspired by those words or simply passed on, will indeed create the change that is needed in the world. Intention, prayer, belief and faith sow the seeds of change. Words then lead to action as a plan is articulated, and change begins. Yes indeed, we are the app for social revolution… Another song comes to mind; “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me…” Right On Brooke Leigh, this piece speaks to me..

  4. We are the Apps for that!!!! I loved this perspective!!! And it is so true! To be honest…I do spend quite a lot of time reading, listening, and viewing my way through the internet…and I pass along information I find relevant, most often items that, for some reason, resonate with me, all the time. I never gave much thought to why I did it…I just didn’t want the idea to stop with me. I suppose I felt a kind of responsibility to keep these things in the current of awareness, which indicates to me that I must have recognized on some level that my choice to perpetuate the dissemination of the information was an important decision. Now, thanks to Brook Leigh Sheldon and listening to this podcast, I see that is exactly what I was doing all along! I just didn’t know why. Each of the many names of the writers mentioned rang out loud rang like a bell as Brooke pronounced them, giving further testimony to how powerful words can be. They brought to mind an idea…a direction…a movement or a point of view…all the stuff of which change.. wonder…and revolutions are made of! So now, with an even greater sense of purpose..I will be the App for that! And who knows where that might lead?