Strolls Lake Merritt

Sep 22, 2010 by

“Strolls Lake Merritt” is an 9×12 ink and water color print of a magical nanosecond encounter with an elderly Vietnamese woman. She seamlessly maneuvers between pedestrians and picture-perfect twisted tree limbs along the street and dirt paths of the lake, while pushing a rickety, rusty cart of neat piles of groceries and clothes. On top of all this, there is a live fish in a fishbowl.

Mostly invisible to the hoards of walkers and runners around the lake who never swerve to avoid a collision or even acknowledge her presence, this woman is somehow connected to our higher frequencies and wavelengths. I’m caught in the one billionth of a second of harmony in which she securely resides. Cloaked only in her memories of natural unity, she flows like a stream in the shadows manifested as a tossed-aside cast member in the failures and injustices of society. Homelessness and hopelessness disturbs the harmony of universal principals, which in a more just society would rightly support her. Its failure has not been able to disconnect her from the spiritual connection with nature where the wonders of invisibility are open upon request, offering her adventure and protection from our lower frequencies.

I’m blown away by what I saw, unable to believe she was real until months later when a distinguished physicist told a radio audience that the principals of invisibility are a mathematical fact, and that within the next two decades three dimensional objects will be able to appear invisible. Scientists explain it takes one billionth of a second for electrons to travel from one location to another to give the appearance of invisibility, its my sense she is able to do this. I’m willing to entertain that just as physicists once ignored the factual realities of shamans and mystics, who’ve long told us other worlds of wonder are possible, that the homeless woman who travels with a live fish in a fishbowl, is able to utilize powers from the shadows which society has cast her into. She is the boulder in the stream of the riverbed of society’s neglect which appears invisible with the rush of waters over it. She mimics nature, able to bend light and connect to magical beams of technological wonders yet to be harnessed.

We’re fortunate science has transcended its own intellectual hubris to join with the shamans and mystics before them to share in what was previously known. “Strolls Lake Merritt,” is evidence for me of our capacity to align with greater principals of spirit and humanity in the humblest of circumstances. Out of the shadows of bigotry, racism, and class warfare, this Vietnamese woman appears, totally aligned in a time and space of far greater harmony with the landscape. She, and those like her who are thrust into manifestation by a society who feeds on collective values and consciousness of fear and ignorance is, in fact, a beacon from the shadows. In harmony with rhythms and vibrations of greater frequencies than that which is visible to most of us, she travels with a live fish in a fishbowl.

Should we stay the course of narrow cultural values of exclusion, we’re doomed to a technological invisibility of little consequence beyond the same mentality which has kept us marred in fear and wars, much like the use of atomic energy as a weapon of mass destruction. In Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man,” he decried his invisibility as the product of a racist society, but I believe we can do better. I believe scientists are correct when they say invisible cloaks will be a reality within a few decades; and it’s my fear that should society fail to incorporate a spiritual component in the utilization of the technological marvels coming our way, it’s possible the greater potential of universal harmony will again pass the world by.

This limited edition 9 x 12  print is available for purchase for $75.

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  1. Donna Morask

    Thought provoking, powerful, and truth. I would bear witness to all which you have written, and thank you for blessing us with your keen knowledge and wisdom of what is not seen. I understand being invisible on a very deep and personal level; I know too that this woman honored you with a glimpse of another reality existing, but seldom seen by many. Your paintings, your writings, your musings provide access to that higher vibration and frequency, if we but quiet our minds from the daily drudgery of the mundane, and seek the higher power from within, to carry us forward and higher, to connect to the greater good. Namaste.

  2. Many of Gale’s unique paintings are available at her personal website.

  3. It’s amazing how much capacity we have to connect with one another given the opportunity. Thank you for your kind words. Peace.

  4. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by those who always encourage and support me! Thank you for your purchase! I’m so glad you’re enjoying her – she’s really very special. I’m ready for those additional purchases whenever you are ! Thank you again!

  5. Kay Hixson

    Gale, thank you for making available something this special. In fact, now that I bought one for me, I’m going to get several for the holidays and birthday presents. (Don’t sell out, please!!!) My problem is to decide where to display it. I might take it to work and put it in my office, but I’m kinda liking it here in my home. Huuummm!!! Please let me know when the next one in the series is available (this is a series, right?)


  6. Donetta Hodge

    Thought provoking, one may not think about such things until they have loss a loved one. One may not experience the unseen but through a feeling. Nonetheless, I can relate to the existence, things that I think I saw or places I think I have been before. It’s that energy we all have the capacity for, but may not be open to.

    I Enjoyed the stroll!!!

  7. sharon woodson-bryant

    I am just thrilled that I was able to purchase this piece without a bidding war. What a small price for a such an elegant print that I know will more than triple in value. This is an investment that I can thoroughly enjoy!!!

  8. The points you made are so compelling. In a nano-second the homeless Vietnamese woman may also be walking around Xuan-Huong (Scent of Spring) Lake in Dalat! It takes poets like you to put together our own thoughts for us. Thank you!

  9. thank you for purchasing this incredible nanosecond encounter! she is pure magic wandering with a live fish in a fishbowl! – what a symbol! i’ve no doubt the power of her in other peoples spaces is no more than an extension of the healing we need before this incredible technology is really with us!

  10. sharon woodson-bryant

    Gale’s pieces always touch my social consciouness on so many levels and Strolls Lake Merritt is no exception. It probs immigration and homeless issues with the clarity and focus of a surgical knife. The colors and images create the backdrop for exploring her questions. This is the kind of beautiful artwork that lubricates the soul.

  11. Sister, wow, what a powerful energy it would be!

  12. Brother, thank you for your words. Peace.

  13. Sister, you honor me with your words. Peace.

  14. The shadows knows!

  15. I’m so humbled, honored, and blessed for your words. Thank you, peace.

  16. Hope it stirs souls.

  17. Monica Payton

    For whatever reason, I zeroed in on the yellow gloves and thought of Oshun – ambassador of love, intimacy, beauty, wealth, and diplomacy. What a world that would be…

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  18. Gurnee McNair jr.

    Gale, the passion of your believes shine clear as crystal blue sky. What you say in that poem about that woman has merits. One does not have to travel far to it played out in lives. Listen to the news, read the papers, and you hear exclusion from these ethnic groups, that religion, and those immigrants, more then inclusion.
    You brought out the fact that this country is a sum of all of its parts, and not one ethnic group can claim more then the other for the prosperity of this country.
    Homelessness could be reduced to a small few but you have people that would rather save money then to save lives.

  19. This is very interesting and intriguing! I think the invisibility here has more than just one meaning. It is definitely thought provoking.

    Your painting exudes a certain sense of independence, of strength in solitude with nature and of hope – continuity, suggested by the curvy swirling lines on the trees and on her hat.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  20. A whisper in the wind
    The smoke round the bind
    A gasp in the dark
    The wraith in the park

  21. Frances Frederick

    The painting is lonely, almost like she is in the world all alone… We must learn how to love each other unconditionally. The words describe where we are headed for if we don’t change and soon.. Man is not one dimensional, we are three fold..We are the flesh that you can see and touch, we have a mind that we may reason, and we are spirit that I believe is our real selves. That is the part of ourselves that is the most neglected. I believe that most of man walks with a sick spirit…There is a way to heal the spirit…Love is the way…The only way…….

  22. Pat Williams

    Very nice and thought provoking.