Grab the day!!! Now, change it!

Sep 21, 2010 by

Grab the day!!! Now, change it!

There is no shortage of significant issues in the world.
Truth: there never has been.

The difference now is that we have the ability, as never before, to search our news. We can look further, deeper into a story. Whether it’s heart wrenching or heart touching, we have more places to read, hear or watch a report on whatever moves us, captures us, impacts us, challenges us or haunts us.

In addition, we have more control over where we direct our attention.

However, this very point, in itself, can be the difficulty. There are so many places to look, all at one time. Everywhere you turn, there are people in need. Each place you focus your attention there are circumstances requiring your care. It can feel as if the whole world is calling your name at the same time.

But, there is a solution, and it’s one to bring a solid sense of strength and surety to the energy you are putting forward. All you need to do, all any of us need to do, is to do what stirs you.
Do what causes you to feel the strength of your heart’s beat in your chest.

Do what creates in you a sense of elation and satisfaction so that when look in the mirror you know the person looking back at you is someone you want to be, someone you are glad you are, someone you respect.

Grab the day, my friend and be the world you want to live in.


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