The will to trust

Sep 17, 2010 by

The will to trust

When there’s nowhere to go, nowhere to escape, you stand, you wait, you face the moment and the consequences you’ve created.

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Music Credit: Kevin MacLeod


  1. It was profound, my dear friend….

  2. Dearest Ann, while I have not seen Young at Heart, I shall take your fine recommendation, my friend, and put it on the list of those films I “must see”. 🙂
    Additionally, I believe you are quite right, for so many of the gentleman in my class my faith in them was a new opportunity for them to evaluate or re-evaluate their faith in themselves. And, for me I feel gifted to have had the pleasure of every lesson, they in turn, offered to me. You are correct, Ann, we do all need to give and feel love and make connections. Thank you, for your thoughts and wisdom. b <3

  3. … and to you, my friend.

  4. Ann Smith

    Brooke…you may well have been the first person in some of their lives to have accepted and believed in them as they presented themselves in the group in the here and now. The ripple effect in the pond as you touched their lives could have made changes for ever for many of them.

    Have you ever Seen the film Young at Heart. The most touching part of the film for me was the effect the singing group of senior citizens made on the male inmates of a high risk prison. Grown’ tough’ male in mates being moved to tears.

    And yes watching your’s and the Young at Heart video made me cry to. We all need to give and feel love and make that connection. <3

  5. Sandi Severson

    And so it is…

    Namaste my dear friend.