Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

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Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

Our place in the universe is about to be clarified.

The LISA satellite is going up next year (2011). LISA is three satellites that are connected by laser beams in a triangle 3,000,000 miles across, the largest satellite system ever. LISA will actually be able to look back in time and detect the shock waves coming all the way back from the Big Bang, 14 billion years ago.

Hubble telescope observations have suggested that the universe began with the Big Bang, and that ever since, our universe has been getting bigger and bigger, and will just keep expanding until all the energy from that colossal explosion basically runs out. Then, about five billion years from now, when the Big Bang finally loses all its juice, gravity will take over, all the matter in the universe will stop expanding, and will instead begin to contract until it totally implodes and becomes a Black Hole.

Sven Geier, www.svengeier.com

In a Black Hole gravity is so strong that it sucks in everything around it. And the more stuff (like us) that it sucks in, the smaller and denser that stuff gets, which makes the gravity stronger, which then increases the suck. Eventually gravity gets so strong in a Black Hole that even light can’t get out. And that’s when it becomes totally invisible, because if light can’t get out, then we can’t see anything.

A Black Hole is sort of like a really, really good vacuum cleaner.

There’s one out on the market now (Oreck) that can pick up a bowling ball with its sucking capacity!

This is not a joke.

Scientists have been able to find Black Holes in our univers, even though they’re invisible, because the other heavenly bodies, like planets and stars, act really STRANGELY around them. (They probably act like they’re trying to avoid that Black Hole thingy like the plague.)

I know I would.

Soooo, one of the big science questions is “What happens to all that stuff after it gets sucked into a Black Hole and disappears?”

Most scientists now believe that it all gets blown out the other end.

Wow! So a Black Hole is more like a DRAIN.

All that matter and light gets sucked down the cosmic drain, and then gets blown out the other end, into – a White Hole!

A White Hole is pretty much an anti-Black Hole.

Unlike a Black Hole that sucks and swallows, a White Hole spews and expands, like a sort of cosmic garden hose.

A Black Hole shrinks everything, but then a White Hole blows it all back out again, with a really Big Bang.

That means that the Big Bang was the actual birth of our baby universe. After an interminable bun-in-the-oven gestation and a very rough labor, we popped out of an extremely tight birth canal, the mouth of a Black Hole from another universe.

The delivery room was literally smokin’!

According to physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, our universe blew out into a White Hole that quickly expands from the matter spewing into it. And maybe we are connected by an umbilical cord we can’t see, to a parent universe we haven’t even known about.

And that means that the word “Universe” no longer means “everything.”

It just means “PART of everything.”

It means that there are multiple universes, or what science calls “the Multiverse.”

According to the Multiverse Theory, what we have been calling our “universe” is just a fragment of a much more awesome system made up of infinite numbers of other universes.

Our own vast baby cosmos is actually just a single bubble of space among an infinite number of other bubbles. Maybe the Black Holes in our universe have also given birth to other universes. Our bubble can sprout other bubbles!

Next year, LISA could give us our baby picture, our moment of creation itself.

This possibility is staggering in its theological and philosophical potential. If LISA confirms the theory, it will turn science on its ear. And it will be the greatest revolution in consciousness since Copernicus discovered that the earth revolves around sun (instead of the other way around).

Just another reason why this is an exciting time in human history to be alive and aware.

Plus, it gives new meaning to the phrase,

“Recycled Material,” since that would be, specifically and undoubtedly, us.

Life imitates Universe(s) imitates Kitchen.

Get ignited!

Christine Ranck is the author of Ignite The Genius Within

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