Skinny dipping

Jul 22, 2011 by

Skinny dipping
There’s a certain terrifying liberation in being out in the world with no clothes on, standing over shifting waves of blue-black glass and knowing everybody’s waiting for….you.

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Music Credit Jason Shaw of Audionautix

Photo Credit:  Jeff Rice

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  1. Thanks, Tom!!! I’m glad it hit you in a grand place! It was a fun, exciting and ah, well, different day……. that’s for sure!!! Thanks, again!!

  2. Sweet Chris, thanks so much for you wonderful words!!! And, my beautiful friend, you are such a courageous person, I know you can do whatever you want to…… Have fun on the beach….. if you want to!!! (big wink, wink, nudge, nudge…..)

  3. tom

    great description of the first step Brook! Stepping away from what you think is the safe “grounded” place of your life and embarking on your true journey. Loved it! tom

  4. What a wonderful new format! I love the idea of getting one article at a time to savor, while still being able to have access to the whole magazine if you want. And Brooke, the skinny dipping piece made me long for the shore and gave me courage for a new attitude. As someone who sometimes goes to the nude beach (in NJ) but always wears her bathing suit (shy, but envious of everyone else) you may have given me the courage to try it, and lose my self-consciousness forever!

  5. Brooke

    I’m sure glad you enjoyed it, sweet Tsimi!!! And, you come on in!!! The water’s fine!!!! 😉

  6. Tsimi James

    Yeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwwww ♫♪♫♪•*¨`*•♪♫♪♫•*¨`*•
    “{Come On In, the water’s Fine♫♪♫♪•*¨`*•♪♫♪♫•*¨`*•
    “Boy Howdy ya sure gots a sweet sounding voice Brooke♥♪˙··٠٠••●●♥
    “You’re a Great story teller…I Love it!!!