Every day you get up…

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Every day you get up.
Every day…….
You do.

You wake up.
Now, are you one of those people who greets the day!?! Or do you stare at it?

I spend a lot of time blinking at the ceiling. It’s white.
It stares back at me. My eyes are blue.
I like to fancy myself someone who begins the day embracing controversy…..

Maybe you woke to the screaming rattle of an alarm clock?
Perhaps you roused slow, in a snuggling embrace?
Or maybe the kids pouched on you. And wide-eyed, you discovered yourself suddenly running rescue on a morning already in jangled mid-derailment?
Or was it your parent who intruded upon those last few moments in the blissful land of Nod?
Was the dog wanting out or maybe the cat was jumping on your head?
Or could you be one of those interesting people who sets your internal clock to pop your eyes open when the time is just right. (I think that’s cool! I gotta try that!). However you do it. You do it! You get up.
You begin the day.
You start the day.
You begin.
You start.
Get it!?

You do it every day.
Every day.

YOU begin something new.
YOU start something fresh.

A fresh day!
A new adventure!
how you will

How did you create yesterday?
How are you creating today?
How will you create tomorrow?

I too, have to remind myself over and over again to live, on purpose. I too, have to remind myself, over and over again to glance at my personal compass, then review the fold-up map of my life I keep in the back pocket of my mind and compare my position with the plotted landmarks.

I live with doubts, as you do.
I live with questions, as you do.
We are flesh and blood.
We are mortal.
We have limited time.
But we each have value,
incredible value,
to ourselves,
to each other,
to the world.

We hesitate in the face of a powerful idea because we are frightened to BEGIN.
We stop on the surface of an inspiring concept because we are scared to START.

They can seem so hard…… until someone does for you what someone did for me.
So, let me tap you on the shoulder, look you in the eye and remind you,
you are a pro at beginnings.
You are an expert at start-ups.

Here, do me a favor.
Heck, do both of us a favor.
Come on!
Grab a pencil and paper!
Got it?!
Okay, now take every year of your life and multiply it by 365.

Okay, got the answer?
Now, take that number and add how many days have passed since your last birthday.
Okay, what number did you get?!


That number is how many start ups you’ve mastered!!!
This number is how many beginnings you’ve completed!!!!
‘Cuz remember where we began this chat with you?
Every day you get up. Every day………
Get it!?!

photo credit sean dreilinger; flickr

photo credit sean dreilinger; flickr

So, I repeat, that’s how many start ups you’ve practiced!!!
This is how many beginnings you’ve mastered!!!!

Were they all successful??!!!!

Was it easy?
Was it work?
Was it a tightrope?
Was it a cakewalk?
How ’bout yes, yes, yes, yes…..

And I ask you again, the question I ask myself all the time…..

Were they all successful??!!!!

My answer –

Heck YES!!!!!!!!


My answer ?

You’re STILL HERE!!!!


You’re ALIVE!!!!!!!!
You’re THINKING!!!!
You’re DISCOVERING!!!!!!
You’re CREATING!!!!!
Dang, seems to me you’ve done it beautifully because it brought you and I together on this page.
I like it.
And WE — YOU & I — both of us have a lot to accomplish.


Each moment of your life is uniquely valuable!

photo credit iirraa; flickr

photo credit iirraa; flickr

Each moment is a new beginning!
Each moment is a fresh start!

You’ve got a lot to do!!!!

So, come on!!!
Let’s get crackin!!!!

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