You’re Already There

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You’re Already There

“We are non-local awareness residing temporarily in a physical body”

Russell Targ, physicist and really smart guy, said this.

Russell helped to develop the laser beam. He also co-founded the Stargate Project, a 23-year, $25-million, top-secret program of research funded by the US government, into psychic abilities and their use for the CIA and the Defense Department.

That is, Russell and his colleagues very successfully teleported themselves all over the world to get information for the CIA.


The psychic abilities they studied and practiced are referred to collectively as “remote viewing.”

Remote viewing is just a code phrase for clairvoyance. They probably chose that phrase to cut down the giggle-and-eye-roll factor, since they were often roaming the corridors of the Pentagon trying to explain how they were training psychic spies.

Remote viewing is a process of “seeing” things from a distance, and a crucial piece of the training is learning to diminish mind chatter.

The remote viewer is asked a question like, “What’s in this bag?” or “Describe what you see at longitude ABC, latitude XYZ.”

They are then asked to draw or write whatever comes to mind, as they focus their intention on learning about the target, while keeping their mind from analyzing whatever images and thoughts they get. (The mind likes to fill in any gaps of unknown information with whatever it does know. This analysis interferes with the success of the process. But if you’re given a question like, “What’s at coordinate 63535?”, there’s no way for the brain to guess or analyze what that random number connects with.)

The viewer just has to sort of feel and see their way into the remote location and notice what they pick up.

In the film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Richard Dreyfuss’ character was obsessed with thoughts and visions of a specific mountain. He finally built a huge model of Devil’s Tower in his living room, not even knowing what it was until he was compulsively drawn to the actual location and recognized the very mountain he’d built. That’s a good example of a kind of remote viewing process.

In a way, Richard had been picking up information about the mountain as if he was ALREADY THERE.

Experienced remote viewers in the Stargate Project experimented with “seeing” not only geographic locations, buildings, weapons and other objects, but also “seeing” into other people’s minds, and then looking at nearby objects through those other people’s eyes (they were especially interested in getting into Russian minds at the time).

Whenever someone from Washington came to see some proof, Russell would make THEM do the remote viewing. Apparently, everyone can do it, and the more you practice, the better you get at it!

He tells the story that once, after a presentation, a Russian physicist stood up in the audience and said, “It seems pretty clear that an experienced remote viewer can focus their attention anywhere on the planet and describe what’s there. Doesn’t that mean that it’s not possible to hide anything anymore?”

The idea that it’s not possible to hide anything anymore is a revolutionary one!

“We are non-local awareness residing temporarily in a physical body.”

In 1982, a team of physicists discovered that subatomic particles, such as electrons, are able to instantaneously communicate with each other, regardless of the distance separating them. Just like human twins, who often know how the other is feeling even when they’re separated, if you “tickle” one of the particles, the other one in the pair also acts “tickled” AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME, even if they are 10 million miles apart.

This phenomenon is called “non-locality.”

Einstein said that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, yet these particle communications occur instantaneously, or in “no time.”

That means that the information didn’t travel (traveling would take time), so it is in some sense ALREADY THERE. The particles are connected, as if they’re together, even with millions of miles between them.

This shocking discovery is considered one of the most momentous in the history of science.

Our most common human experience of the physical world is that things in space and time tend to be LOCAL.

In other words, when object A affects object B by touching it, or by touching something else that touches it, that’s LOCAL. “Local” makes logical, predictable sense to us.

But our world is also filled with un-measurable, non-local things like love, thoughts, dreams, insight, intuitions, synchronicities, etc., that we know are absolutely real and powerful.

When object A affects object B without touching anything, that’s NON-LOCAL.

Object B doesn’t have to touch object A to affect it, because in some sense it is already, always connected. It’s already there.

And if it’s already there, then THERE’S NO “THERE” THERE.

And if subatomic particles communicate in an already-there way, then non-locality is a property of the entire universe. An undivided, seamlessly connected wholeness exists in the cosmos, and in every aspect of our physical reality. And the mind, or human consciousness, can’t just be local and confined to only the brain.

The mind has to be non-local, because its thoughts are not bound by any of the rules of space and time. There are no limits on the mind’s ability to instantaneously go anywhere in our imagination and our dreams.

“We are non-local awareness residing temporarily in a physical body.”

Russell Targ’s approach is that if subatomic particles are making the Already-There connections, then so are we. Since that’s what we’re made of.

Remote viewing is another demonstration that we are only a breath away from knowing and proving that the universe is not so much composed of matter but of a Consciousness that connects everything.

You’re already there.

Soooooo…Get Ignited!

Christine Ranck is the author of Ignite The Genius Within.

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