Dolphin GPS

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Dolphins (like homing pigeons and other extraordinary animals) have navigational powers that seem inexplicable by Consensus Reality standards (the “reality” we all agree upon). Their extrasensory feats simply defy belief.

Basically, humans have tried to invent highly advanced machines that end up barely mimicking what dolphins can do with their hands tied behind their backs. So to speak.

For example, just like a ship’s sonar, dolphins project sounds (pitched way above our hearing range) that create a visual image from the returning echoes. Powerfully focused through their forehead into a virtual sonic beam, this ultrasound can penetrate their potential prey just as effectively as an x-ray.

So when we swim with dolphins, we can’t hide a thing, since they can see our skeletons, our lungs, even a fetus in the womb. They can hear fetal heartbeats, and seem utterly fascinated and excited by pregnancy.

Dolphins love pregnant women!

Thousands of shipwreck survivors have been saved from drowning by dolphins who have brought them to the surface and held them there, while repelling sharks until they were rescued. Dolphins do the same thing for their own, since they too can drown.

dolphin pairMaybe they recognize our similarities and thus our vulnerabilities.

Remember that humans have words and languag, and as a result we experience life with chronic thoughts that we “hear” in our heads.

Language is the main source of our feeling that time is moving forward in a linear way. We say, “Yesterday I did this, tomorrow I’ll do that.”

But dolphins, like all other animals, don’t have language (as far as we know). So they experience life exclusively with images. Just pictures. And without language, they have no sense of time passing.

They live right in the moment.

Theirs is a consciousness so different from ours that we can barely grasp it.

It’s likely that dolphins have a visual/sonar/sensory understanding of the earth that is much more three-dimensional than ours is. For example, when we look out at the horizon we see it as flat. But they, from underwater, by the way, may actually sense the entire planet much more accurately, with its curvature and all.

Some scientists hypothesize that a group of dolphins can share information with another group of dolphins, about a new location they’ve just visited, for example. (Warm water! Good fishing! Nice reefs! No oil spills!).

They share this information, and this may be their ultimate genius, by projecting to the new group a three-dimensional holographic map of the newly-explored place and exactly how to get there.

That way, as a result of this map exchange, the dolphins who haven’t been there yet can easily find their way, get around the area, and cover all the Points Of Interest, by projecting the 3-D map and then swimming INTO it.

Please take a moment now to imagine this.

You CAN get there from here.

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