Yeah, it’s BP’s fault, but aren’t we amazing…

Jun 1, 2010 by

Yeah, it’s BP’s fault, but aren’t we amazing…

Don’t get me wrong.

I fervently believe that BP should bear every single dollar cost of the clean up of the disaster they caused in the gulf. Lazy corporate governance, a rampant race for profits and mind-numbing absence of attention to any level of responsibility to BP’s position as stewards of an increasingly fragile environment are, at root and undeniably, the cause of this disaster.

I realize that, in the end, our common willingness to continue depending on fossil fuels is the catalyst for the power that BP and Exxon and Shell and all fossil fuel manufacturers have to create these disasters.  And and we all must change our attitudes for this to correct.

But we are all in THIS disaster for the long-haul. And what I love is the way stuff like this challenges all of us THINK differently and, sometimes, talk to each other differently. From oil-eating microbes to sending hair clippings packed into stockings to the idea these two guys have come up with, our ability to think of solutions to a big problem is one of our best human traits.

So, what do you think of this idea? And the hair-in-stockings idea? What other ingenious ideas have you seen out there?

Do you have an ingenious idea???


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  1. Elizabeth Wescott

    I like this idea a lot. The simplicity is so beautiful.

    It’s interesting to me to reflect that if this were not human-caused people’s attention would not be focused on blame and guilt, but on uplifting the situation in anyway possible. We can detach ourselves from blame and guilt and do that now. It will lead us to new ways.

    There is a saying I’m fond of: If you beat yourself up – you miss the lesson.
    I think the same is true when we assign blame, we miss the opportunities that are there for us.