We will find common ground

May 6, 2010 by

We will find common ground

Common Ground News Service

Months ago I stumbled across an organization on Facebook whose mission statement intrigued me. Common Ground News Service wrote it:

“works to resolve conflicts by publishing articles that promote mutual understanding, opportunities for dialogue, and constructive criticism.”

This enlightened approach made my heart skip beats!
I immediately immersed myself in the articles on its wall.

I was moved.
I was inspired.
I was touched.
I was enriched.
I was informed.
I was empowered.

I quickly befriended many of the people who I saw commenting, liking, writing or simply being a part of this group. The energy had a “mojo” that made me happy.

Many of the articles are on the dynamics revolving around the partners, politics and paradigms that will lead to peace in the Middle East, while some are directed at attempting to provide more accurate pictures of issues and items which are too often negatively slanted, propagandized or stereotyped.

I ask you to check out Common Ground News Service.

As for me, I would like to thank Common Ground News Service; your mission is profound and necessary.

See, I am one who believes, with my whole heart, that our diversity is not a reason for conflict, but a reason for celebration.

Fear is the reason for conflict.

We are one human race.

When we no longer fear our differences, we will stop killing each other because of our differences.

Common Ground News Service website link.

Common Ground News Service on Facebook


  1. Brooke Leigh Sheldon

    I appreciate your reflections on this piece very much! Every time I step into a space that reminds me of the complete reality that all humanity can live in true connection to one another I feel a sense of new completeness. Common Ground News Service definitely offers that. Thanks Parker, for playing in the same joyful playground!!! b 🙂

  2. Parker Vollmer

    This is my favorite source for news and information right now. The possibility of living in solidarity with the disenfranchised and various cultures is really where we should be evolving. Very good work. And this was a very well written article. I felt the passion. Yes, Lord.