Green Eggs and Ham, Quantum-Style

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Studies show that when something is learned by someone once, it is easier for somebody else to learn it again later!

A pattern of thought or a behavior is more easily produced once it has been produced before.

For example, in experiments, untrained rats must learn how to run or swim a maze to get to their food. And that takes them time and experience before they get it right.

But, if the maze has already been learned by many earlier generations of rats from the same strain, the rats learn the maze almost immediately. In fact, in some cases, they’re BORN knowing it and can run it perfectly from birth. Just because a previous generation(s) learned it before them.

If you’ve got no previous ancestors who already did it, you’ve got NO SHORT-CUTS TO FOOD.

This would definitely make me wish for better ancestors.

It has also been shown that kids learn the verses of older, more traditional nursery rhymes much faster and more easily than brand new nursery rhymes. That’s because the old ones have already been learned by many previous generations.

In fact, the words for “Cat in the Hat” were probably really hard to learn when the book first came out 70 years ago, but now that there’s been a Broadway musical AND a movie, it’s a piece of cake!

“So all we could do was sit, sit, sit!
And we did not like it. Not one little bit!”

See????? Easy, right??

Biochemist Rupert Sheldrake (a bonafide creative genius) proposes that all of this weirdness is caused by a holistic force, called a Morphic Field. Every time any particular form occurs, it is much more likely to occur again. All the different forms in atoms, snowflakes, flowers and human beings are “remembered” in this morphic field, and then repeated, over and over, and they show cumulative properties.

A morphic field is sort of like a Universal Database for living forms, and for mental thought forms. You just tune into it, add to it, and the information in it keeps growing.

You could say that once a problem is solved, the energy of that answer is potentially sort-of “out there” for anyone to pick up on.

Morphic fields could explain the amazingly coordinated behavior among social insects like ants and bees, flocks of birds, and schools of fish. They tune into a field of information and know instantly what their job is without checking with each other, or when to turn left, then right, all together like they’re one organism.

There’s no limit to how much you’ll know, depending how far beyond zebra you go.

Morphic fields could be related to the phantom limb sensation among amputees, for them, it often feels like the missing limb is still there (including terrible itching). The organizing field of a limb would remain even after the limb itself had been lost.

Sheldrake’s work has often been met with a hostile reception from other scientists. That’s a good sign that he’s on the right track!

(You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.)

And so, after a critical number of members of a species have developed a certain characteristic or learned a certain knowledge, these behaviors or knowledge suddenly “jump” to all the other members of the species, and the behavior is automatically acquired by all, EVEN IF THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT BETWEEN THEM.

Sooooo, if you want to learn something fast, get 5,000,000-ish other people to learn it first, and then you’ll get the knowledge automatically without even cracking a book.


In my world, everyone’s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!

Thanks, Dr. Seuss.

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Christine Ranck, author of Ignite the Genius Within


  1. Christine,
    Loved this, especially as it applies directly to my profession too : Energy Medicine. David Feinstein Ph.D wrote a fascinating article that delves into how the morphic field and other energetic forces affect the human body. His wife, Donna Eden, is a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine and teaches people all over the world how to use their own energy for self-healing. David’s article is worth a read…here it is if you haven’t seen it: http://www.

    The appearance of your article was so perfectly timed; I was just discussing these concepts a few nights ago and this was perfect confirmation for me! Thank you!

    One question: where can I find more information about the interesting phenomenon of global/simultaneous learning with no direct contact?

    Thanks so much Christine! Looking forward to more from you : )

  2. Lisa

    I second Ilah. The humor.

    Very interesting subject. Genetic memory is plausible in my way of thinking. We inherit everything else.

    Great write!

  3. Elizabeth Wescott

    Wonderful. Wonderful reminder of the utter hopefulness of things! And, if you want to throw in Einstein’s assertion that Time is the greatest illusion of all, we needn’t be worried about our ancestors and what they haven’t learned. We can learn it and send it to them, and to our descendants while we’re at it, because, it’s all Now.

  4. Ilah

    Best one yet!!!

    For fhose of us who are attention challenged a little humor interspersed is a real grabber.