The Cave

by Brooke Leigh Sheldon

Music Credit: One World One Day

It has been used for centuries by every culture, every tribe, every species as a safe space. Where, in this very busy, very crowded world, do you create your sanctuary, your cave?

By the way, the song we selected for this video is one we particularly want to highlight. We found it at ccMixter. The lyrics are by narva9 and it was mixed by Loveshadow.


One World One Day
If you had a choice
if you had a say
If you had the power
Would you change the world today

Are you ready for the light
Are you tired of the dark
Do you dream of a better day
Do you see another way

One step, one voice
A single candle to light the way
A dream, a hope
For one world, one day

What is right? What’s wrong
Is there time to speak
Have your words the courage
Your voice the strength to sway

Do you think it’s time
Can you stand to wait
Will you raise your voice with mine
Shall we choose another way


Will you take my hand
Will you take this stand
For hope and peace on earth
For the brotherhood of man

If you had a choice
If you had a say
If you had the power
Would you change the world today?
Would you change the world today?

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Moments Count July 11, 2010 at 10:53 pm

You were right! Thanks for catching the typo! It’s fixed.
And thank you so much for loving the website.

April July 11, 2010 at 9:17 pm

I miss you so much!!! I love the web site!! Will talk to you soon – promise.
FYI – in the lyrics of the your song you had a typo:
Are you tired of the dard
I’m thinking it is “Dark”. :)
Love to you and Val!!!

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