I have a problem with “hate”.

Apr 10, 2010 by

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How do we define who we are?

How will we define what we are to become?

How can we define what we will create?

Now, where do we begin?

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  1. How right you are, Peju!!! “Hate” is a word so easily pushed about, this way and that, yet so powerful within our minds. Excellent example in the word “starving”. Thank you for your kind words about the website! We are working diligently!!! Glad you like what you see!!! 🙂

  2. i hate that we use the word hate so loosely, look, i just erred in that again. some years back, i was at a charity, feed my starving children, (fmsc.org), which made me reconsider using the word “starving” when i get hungry. the truth is that i’m not starving, i’ve never really, really experienced such agony that would cause one to eat out of a dumpster or eat cement bars with oil…so if that is lacking in my life experience, why do i use the word “starving?”

    there is little in life i hate, and i’m not even sure, so i should be more careful about this word use too, eh?!

    grazie Brooke! 🙂

    p.s.– the website looks great (is it finished?)

  3. Brooke Leigh Sheldon

    Dearest Rodney, hate is such an overwhelming and powerful emotion. I believe your poem speaks well to the contradictions it creates in people. I like the piece very much!! Thank you for your contribution. Thank you for making your voice part of the discussion.
    My heart is open my friend, B

  4. Dear Rodney, your comments are welcomed and we are proud to post them! I (Valli) personally saw the poem as a very clear picture of how the word hate can twist in our minds forming unclear paths to emotions that lock us into almost inescapable patterns of behavior. I think your poem stated the problem very well in poetic terms.
    Thank you for taking the time and energy to post your thoughts at Moments Count. Please know that you, your thoughts and poems are welcome here any time!

  5. Rodney McCain

    This is a comment on hate though I believe in universal love there is no utopia at this moment in time .if this poem upset you accept my apology ,with love and respect

  6. Rodney McCain

    I hate those who hate,
    I hate myself for not knowing what to hate,
    I hate life,
    I hate love,
    I hate not knowing of my upcoming strife
    I hate not know of my oncoming love,
    I hate those who hate,
    I hate myself
    I’d stop to hate for gold of my weight,
    I hate all those with wealth,
    I hate those who harm,
    I hate those who hurt,
    I hate those who use their charm,
    To put others in the dirt,
    I hate living as I ache,
    I hate living in earth wake,
    I hate people who hate,
    I being the one who must be to forsake
    Those who hate, must hate me
    Because of thou hate I hate thee,
    The point i must make,
    Leaving myself without this weight
    Is that I love to hate,
    And all love hate when you hate what they hate.