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Michael FaradayConsiderations

We speak of Consciousness,
yet what do we do;
We live in the Moment,
yet plan future Events;
We share the Dream,
yet are we fully Awakened;
We pray to our Ancestors,
yet forget to love the Children;
We learn from our Friends,
yet where is the Unity;
We acknowledge the Importance,
yet fail to provide Support;
We recognize Inspiration,
yet do we inspire Others;
We take from the Earth,
yet what do we give back;
We are born of Woman,
yet what separates our Sacredness;
We feel our inner Earthquakes,
yet not our Mother’s Unrest;
We climb Success Ladders,
yet never stop climbing;
We know of The Oneness,
yet know not of our oneness;
We want Independence,
yet who is anyone Alone;
We understand Patience,
yet are ignorant of Time;
We live a life Full-Talented,
yet where is our One-Hearted;
We desire Uniqueness, seek Democracy,
yet we cannot reform our Families;
We have Experiences,
yet we keep them to ourselves;
We honor White Buffalo,
yet still follow the Herd;
We all have been Hungry,
yet still there is Starvation;
We think what we Become,
yet what we think also Becomes;
We exalt at writing Poetry,
yet how many are living as Poets;
We love to Live,
yet do we live to Love.

Michael Faraday Alexander

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  1. Donna J Morask

    Beautiful poem and oh so true. Some days I am full of questions and wonderment as to why? Why don’t people wake up? Why can’t people see? Why don’t people want to hear? But then I come to this site and read beautiful poetry, tender words of encouragement, and see strong advocacy for encouraging loving stewardship of our planet.

    It is in these moments dear friends, that my questions are answered.

  2. We’ll keep this from the Arizona Highway Patrol!

  3. Michael Faraday

    It is an honor to be published here. The poem took two hours to write which I did on the steering wheel of my pickup as I was driving to Tucson. Much Love to All. Thank You.