And the nominees for Best Picture are…

Mar 8, 2010 by

And the nominees for Best Picture are…

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The magic of excitement brews as the lights going down in the theater. The swell of the music fills our ears. Then, on the screen, rushing colors and images fly by. We become mesmerized, hypnotized by the expanse before us.
A great film is compelling. It captivates us.
A great film is never an accident.
Will you come with me into the theater for a few minutes and watch the film? Are you ready to find out what happens in there?

Music Credit: Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Anonymous User via Facebook

    Ooh! I’m trembling, skeered!

  2. David Traub via Facebook

    “As the house lights dim, all eyes are on her as she picks her seat”

  3. Thank you, my wonderful Lisa… and you, in turn, inspire me, with your powerful personal history and socially relevant storytelling. You are a champion!

  4. One of the most powerful mediums, the theater. Very good advice, Brooke. I’ve thought on this a great deal the last few days. Sometimes rewrites are in order. Beautiful way to see it. You empower many to rise above.

  5. Well, thank ya’ kindly, ma’am…. I do think ya’ made me blush… : } <3

  6. Anonymous User via Facebook

    Yes, Brooke, your voice is clear, articulation-superb (and inflection great). But I did not comment on that earlier, simply because I wanted to hone in on the “meat” of the message,.itself, and it’s affect on me. But, now, you’ve heard it from me. Also. It boggles my mind how you could tie up all the corners of your commentary so fluidly-that is an art, believe me. I mean, most people, I’m assuming, would have to do take after take and, maybe in the process, forget some of the essence or become too excited eliciting same (like I do, when on a roll-voice becoming breathy-that will never do! ha! ha! ha!) Modulation was another steady, calming aspect of it all . Another thing: No la-la-la-“” phony voice-how I dislike that in speakers, etc.; a key element to believing and considering what a person is saying. It beats me!?. (I’m gonna take a 2nd run on your video because it so impresses me! Have a wonderful, happy day now!

  7. (smiling) Dearest Rose, if you found that much ease in listening to my voice, you would enjoy the guided meditation and thought work I do with my clients. I wish you lived closer, dearest heart!!!! <3

  8. Thank you, dear Ruth, I am so touched…. <3

  9. I nominate your podcast here for “Best Picture” of the way it really is for people of heart<3…like you:) Thanks for the image and the message:)

  10. Anonymous User via Facebook

    Heavy, Lady!-you made me cry; joy and deep ponderings bubbling-so flawless and beautiful! Wow!