The Eyes Have It

Feb 28, 2010 by

The Eyes Have It


When we look at each other what captures us?  What do we catch in a glimpse making us want to look back, look away or look again?  And do we trust ourselves enough to do what we feel driven to do?  What do you think?

Music: Open Your Eyes by mykleanthony with Scomber

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  1. So beautifully expressed…. thank you, Elizabeth….

  2. Elizabeth Wescott

    Can I trust this person to act in a way that is predictable enough, trustworthy enough? That’s often what I’m looking for. That question comes up a lot when I’m in my car, waiting for a light to change.
    In the grocery store I’m looking for how authentic an encounter I can have in the given amount of time. Is it OK to say, ‘Actually, I’m not having such a great day (assuming that’s the case). How about you?’ Or is it better to stay with the usual form, ‘Fine.’
    In a restaurant, I’m looking to see if I can win the server over so that I can ask for what I want – even if he or she is a little busy. And, to be perfectly honest – I’m trying to establish a connection because I can feel pretty cranky if things don’t go well. If I’ve made a connection at the beginning, I’ll handle my crankiness better. Which really has more to do with not wanting to embarass myself by showing my rough edges than it does concern for others. But none of my friends would believe that. My kids might.
    Making friends with oneself, oh, what a messy affair.