What each of us has to offer is enough

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What each of us has to offer is enough

What I do is little. I do it at home, each day. I do it in an hour’s time, more or less. The results aren’t easy to measure or define.

That what I do is all of these things, is part of what makes it important to tell about. What I do is use some of my moments to extend love, peace and healing thoughts to people. In those moments I love people I know, and don’t know, and sometimes people I have trouble getting along with. In those moments I remember what is important and I get as close to it as I can. It can be called healing work. It doesn’t matter what it’s called.

Each day those moments change me. Each day those moments refresh for me and my purpose. And, so, I live more peacefully, more gracefully, more generously than I otherwise would. I live my life closer to what’s important to me than I otherwise would.

Part of the reason I do this is because I experience a lot of physical limitation in my life that makes participating in ways that are more recognizable an unrealistic option. But I refuse to believe that I cannot participate fully, and that I cannot offer peace and love and life altering things to the world, because I can’t do it in ways that we recognize culturally as significant.

Sometimes people feel better when they are amongst those included in those moments I spend sending goodwill. Sometimes I don’t know what people experience. But I do know that moments count. And in little things we can see peace present.

What each of us has to offer is enough. Each of us has moments. And that counts.

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  1. Elizabeth Wescott

    Thank you Sandi!

  2. Thank you, Sandi, for contributing to the conversation! We value your presence here.

  3. Sandi Severson

    I think this is so beautifully expressed that I can add nothing, nor could I take anything away. Call it God, Spirit, Energy, Christ-conscioiusness, Buddha, what ever you like; that perfection is reflected through us when we allow our souls to reach out to others. Elizabeth does just that and it is as big a contribution to the human experience and to joy-filled, peaceful living as any contribution made in this physical world. Thank you Elizabeth.