Stepping Off The Curb

Nov 3, 2010 by

Stepping Off The Curb

I stepped off the curb this morning and in a moment I heard the sickening scream of brakes crushing to stop.

In the next moment I felt my world freeze inside me.

I was, in that moment, all I had come to be.
Every breath, every touch, every story,
every smile, every mystery, every wink, every role,
every joy, every adventure, every song, every tear…..
I realized in that one moment I was, my history.

As if in a race, the next few moments began colliding on the stopwatch in my cognition; the car came to hard, tense rest, breathing heat inches from my taut, ready breath-caught form.

Now, as I sit here, with you near my page,

I write with the peace of mind I am intact, able to offer my complete body, mind, heart and energy to these thoughts.

Each of us steps off curbs of life’s offering each day.
We do this constantly unaware of what fate may hold for us.
What we do know, always, is we have no guarantee what’s coming around the corner.
All we can do is live as consciously as we are able.

Do we survive or do we strive?

Do we watch out or do we reach out?

Are we afraid of being hurt or are we open to love’s possibilities?

Will we only allow the outcomes we can foresee or will we accept the horizon’s amazing color changes as the day ages?

As I sit here, with you near my page,
I feel a deep and resonant space within me.
I experience it as the “well” of my experience.
It echoes.
It has, at times, a cavernous lonely sound.
How often we are surrounded by so many and so alone within ourselves.
Then other times, we long for this same space within us to be calmed by the quiet comfort of another with whom we can be still, hushed and safe.
Just longing for a space in time, when perhaps, the simple beauty of the eyes of another is the voice within our own inner landscape.

The “well” of my experience is vast.
Different in its diversity than your own, of this I am sure.
But the profundity of your life and my own is without question.
I speak with conviction unmovable.

I have in my various careers and roles, as a psychotherapist, a consultant, a CEO; the list goes on and on, worked with all types and demographics. The gamut of populations and the variations within them has been extreme. I’ve been lucky enough to have the double doors of my world rammed open wide by the breadth of ceaseless diversity that is the reality of our world. I have driven to the cliff of Knowledge and while I teetered on the edge I’ve seen the Truth:

Strangely, it is not unusual in presentations and trainings I give, for people to raise their hands and question, even refute my statements asserting the profundity of them and/or their lives.
I have to admit this saddens me.
To have people actively argue with me with a seemingly urgent need to convince me that they and their lives are “not profound” leaves me with an abysmal sadness.

But, this is not a light topic for me.
So I will not allow anyone to easily dismiss the quality and power of their own life.
We ARE profound, every one of us.

I will not refute that we CAN absolutely choose to neglect or reject our responsibility to ourselves and one another and therefore deny our profundity, but this does not make us any less profound.
It only makes us one who has placed our profundity on the shelf of inactivity.

But at any moment we can take our personal power off the shelf, dust it off and state with assertive initiative,  “I’ve got important things to contribute. I’m necessary. I’m needed. I matter.”

We can be that person who accepts their “profound”truth:

Accept the truth of your own insight.
Accept the truth that you extend far below the surface of what others see of you.
Accept the truth of your personal intensity, which may or may not be hidden from others.
Accept the truth that you are more than what the world knows of you.
Accept the truth that the world has yet to see all you have to offer; you have more to give, more to share.

With my truest conviction, I implore you! Embrace your profundity.
After all, I have already embraced it for you.
It’s simply waiting for you to claim it. (I’m lovingly smiling at you right now….)

So, take it from me, you don’t need to wait for the moment when fate foreshadows your life’s finish line to make the choice to strive, to reach out, to be open to love’s possibilities or to accept the horizon’s amazing color changes as the day ages.

You only need to:

Choose to strive.

Choose to reach out.

Choose to be open to love’s possibilities.

Choose to accept the horizon’s amazing color changes as the day ages.

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