The great mystery …

Nov 20, 2009 by

The great mystery …

Have you ever found yourself in love with someone who does not love you?

This is a painful place to ponder, for no matter how many people surround you in your life, on this wounded wayfare you are forced to wander alone.


And these rips and tears in the private papers holding the ruminative stanzas that define our inner self can leave us scattered and crumpled.

Love is a mystery.
Love is perhaps, the greatest mystery.
When love pours into us, we brim until we overflow with its airy elating lightness.
When love infuses our vision, the colors of our world reflect a surreal bright trueness.
Love is the story woven into our lives and the definer of our world.

Moreover, all we can do with this glorious mystery is rejoice when it enters our lives, even if it disappoints us.
It is a gift given to us, in whatever form it comes to be ours.
Whether offered by us to another or offered to us from another.
Whether given to us or felt from within us.

For we can never, never forget, love is a gift and gifts are to be given.
So give. Give. Give. Give. Love.
And….receive, receive, receive…..LOVE.

Give it to the person who brought it to you, if only as an offer of ever kindness in your heart.
Now, give it to all the others who can benefit from your gift.
Your love is a gift for the world; please do not keep it to yourself.

Love does not have one purpose in you, or one person.
So reflect, be thankful and celebrate yourself. For you possess the warm heart and openness of spirit to embrace the love that moves within you.
You feel. You feel deeply. This is magnificent. You are magnificent.
Embrace the feelings of high that come with understanding that love came to live in you.
Hold this close in your heart and remember…. you do not choose love. It chooses you.

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  1. My dear Wajj, I totally relate to the energy of the space you are in. When so much emotion is tied up in “the not knowing for sure” grey area that lingers between the intensity of love vs. the contentedness of care it can be a painful and unrequiting space. I treasure the knowledge that my words provided you some comfort, my good friend.

  2. Wajj

    What a beautiful story, Brooke. You have NO IDEA what a huuge gray area I am living under right now. I can’t seem to ascertain whether or not that one magical word that is now being tossed around, is being returned with equal intensity….

    Thank you, these words are comforting. 🙂