Hey neighbor!

Nov 15, 2009 by

When my neighbors, Isiah and Natalie, come for a visit it’s a delight, an education and a reason to have hope for and confidence in the future. Meet the neighbors…

Music: New Friendly by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Donna, your tender telling of Asia’s tale moved my spirit.

    And how I would love to meet this young philanthropist-to-be, to glimpse the light of her visionary future which I can feel shining up from her heart and igniting that sparkle she seems to project through such beautiful bright eyes. Thank you, Donna. Thank you, Asia.

  2. Donna Morask

    When I listened to this podcast, I was reminded by the very special children in my life… There are many and they range in ages from 18 months to about 8 years old. Children like me as a rule, and they always have. Perhaops it is because I too appreciate the simple open, honest, and joyful wonder that they bring to my life. I try and apply their way of being to my own life. Precious moments demand my attention, and children are all about precious moments. My little friend Asia is 5 and the daughter of one of my staff. She comes into the office about 3 times a week and has carte blanche to sit at my desk and do her very important work, as her mother sits at ther desk and does her work. At 5 years old Asia understands that because we work for non-profits, our paychecks aren’t very big. She also knows the State of Illinois does not really do avery good job in taking care of little people in child care programs, as her daycare was closed due to funding cuts. So Asia comes into my office and her work consists of writing “checks”. She writes checks to other daycares so they don’t close, she writes checks to other mommies so they can afford to pay for daycare, and my favorite; she writes checks to all the staff in our department so we can continue to fight the good fight, and help those who need our help. I have my checks taped on my desk. They remind me that the generosity of Asia’s spirit and her desire to help others, represent precious moments she gives to me…..