Define Your Life Path

Aug 3, 2009 by


The definition of who I am is a constantly evolving process.
What about you?
How do you see your life?

For me, I kinda see my life like an amazing journey I feel lucky enough to be on.

It’s as if I’m on a path.
Mind you, it’s nothing as clearly defined as Dorothy’s yellow brick road.
No, it’s more like a caramel dusty lane.
It beckons my attention and demands my contemplation.
The allure of “what can be” up ahead pulls me ever onward.
My wonder at what awaits me around the bend just feels too much like magic to ever risk letting it be a paradise lost.
I lovingly succumb to the romance of the adventure.

I don’t just travel during the light of day.
Matter of fact, this journey I’m taking with you, well it’s 2:24am as I write this missive to you.
So you see, while I let the rising fair moon and chasing handsome sun function as record-keepers of my journey’s length, they don’t necessarily determine the beginning or end of any of the mission’s progression.

When I stop, there is purpose.
Aside from the urgings of sleep, which I’m sure, tap my shoulder far more often than I probably notice, there is beauty. Everywhere I look I see simply elegance and enriching depth in the people and places my path brings me to find. I am changed. I am more for what they offer me in word and deed.
I have been afforded many opportunities on my trek.
I have taken each I could bear the responsibility for.
I have labored and been accorded much favor.
I have also known much sadness, much loss.

And I have learned, my friend, you must cherish if you are lucky enough to see, the exquisite bloom of the lovely rose. For, too quickly and without warning she may leave you with only the memory of her comeliness. If you are fortunate perhaps another spring offers you her visage again. But if not, her delicate, velvet petals lay scattered in your hand, a testament to a treasure you only thought was to be ever yours.

I look to the sky and search the stars to trace my place on my path, my place in the world.
Where is Orion? There he is. The hunter reminds me I must seek to be courageous and hunt for what will continue to satisfy my longing for adventure and wisdom.
Where is Pegasus? I see him. The winged horse, he is urging me to always be moving forward.
Where is Andromeda? Alas, I see her. The chained maiden, she in her bondage is my beacon. She urges me, demands of me, to free those who seek to open their world to all that life offers, all life can be.

On I go, traveling my caramel dusty lane with a satchel of all needed internal resources, a magnifying glass for personal review, vast amounts of humor, more than my share of fascination for all things, hopefully at least a little bit of graciousness, a collection of tears, an abundance of fairness, plenty of smiles, maybe a tiny bit of charm and definitely enough “smarts” to realize that the more I learn the less I know.

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