Close your eyes

Nov 10, 2009 by

Close your eyes


Woman with eyes closedWhen you close your eyes, what do you see?

I’m not asking you about the times when you’re laying down on the sojourn to sleep.
I’m asking you a simpler, more complex, question. What happens when you purposely close your eyes with no intention but to see what’s inside your “vision” when your eyes are closed and you begin to wander?

I mean this not as trickery. I assure you.
Moreover, it can only be a question whose final answer belongs only to you.

However, I would quickly wager you that the answers you would give me would be completely different from my own. Additionally, carry that bet further, I’d put more down and assert further they’d be different still from the person shopping next to you at the market, standing ahead of you in line at the bank or sitting beside you in the doctor’s office waiting room.

You see, our inner world, or our internal construct, belongs to us.
As we close our eyes, we begin a journey inside.
This is where our silence and, yes, our noise within ourselves all begins.
Here we start to be alone with ourselves in a way unique to each of us.

We close our eyes and begin sensing the trail of our “onlyness”.

Therefore, these next questions have not a thing to do with whether or not your individual eyes can see an ocean’s blue or the sun set or a seagull fly. They have nothing to do with the mechanics of the eye.

With that caveat, I ask you:

Are you seeing or unseeing?

Are you unsighted or insightful?

Do you envision or are you a visionary?

You see now what I mean; these questions do not have anything to do with our eyes. They are about our hopes, our minds and our hearts.

So I think, no, I believe, that You see a whole lot when You close Your eyes.
You see possibilities.
Now look closer.
You are the possibilities You see.
And if You look closer still, well,

You are the possibilities You seek.

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