Paranormal activity…is it true?

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Paranormal activity…is it true?

Paranormal Activity… it true?

Here I go again, true confession happens here a whole bunch. C’mon, let’s face it, I can’t ask you to be honest with yourself if I don’t start the conversation with my own honesty, right? Well, at least that’s the way I see it. So let’s jog back to the question.

Paranormal activity, is it true?

Well, perhaps it is.
I’ll be the first to tell you that I have seen amazing things happen in my lifetime that defy easy explanation.

That, however, is not really what makes me scratch my head. What puzzles me is why, when we think of “paranormal activity” do we most often conjure images of the negative?

The Brown LadyDon’t get me wrong here. I’m a pretty strong horror film buff. So, I have no intention of discussing this from some moralistic, standing on the mount position. I wouldn’t even know where to begin that treatise.

By the way, I tend to go in for horror films that lead me down the path to the intensely psychological horror haunts within our own palpable imaginations. Some great examples would be films like the original versions of “The Uninvited” or “The Haunting”. Or throw me in front some Hitchcock and pass the popcorn, yes, with plenty of butter. But, you get the picture. (No pun intended, no really!)

But, back to the point, why, when we think of “paranormal activity” do we most often conjure images of the negative?

How about we turn the prism of this term “paranormal activity” a wee bit and allow this light to refract from a slightly different perspective. Perhaps then we can appreciate a wider spectrum of its colorful options.

Working in hospice I have had people share with me, sometimes within months or hours prior to their passing, that loved ones who have preceded them in death have come to them, visited them. They typically report that these visitations bring them great peace about the event of their own passing that awaits them. The reports of occurrences like these are well known by those of us who have worked closely with people who are near death. And I will tell you, many explanations are offered for why it happens and one of those explanations is “paranormal activity”.

However, now look broader with me for a moment. I find it fascinating that major religions throughout the world, continuously give honest credibility without hesitation or question, in their great books of wisdom, to human beings talking to disembodied spirits and entities or to inanimate objects that may suddenly project voice and personality. Now think about it, again we can find all kinds of words to wrap around those tellings, but logically wouldn’t the term “paranormal activity” work pretty cleanly?

Now these same powerful tomes, the very ones, which have come to define powerful civilizations and underpin many of the laws that conduct them, discuss extraordinary events and awesome feats created or caused in what can be considered to be supernatural ways or could this too be thought of as “paranormal activity”?

Hmmmm, what an amazing thing “life” is……

So, paranormal activity, is it true? You tell me.

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