Plenty of fish? Yes. But, value each one.

Nov 1, 2009 by

Plenty of fish? Yes. But, value each one.

How to draw the best out of what appears to be a lost chance can be difficult to see.

But if we take a new look at a relationship and see it through fresh eyes our personal world might turn in a whole new direction.

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  1. Much thanks, Sweet E!!

  2. Elizabeth Wescott

    Brooke, this is wonderful. Such an incredibly complex topic. I was a little nervous at first. Not yet two years ago I had to face a marriage that I desparately wanted, but was unhealthy and choose to separate myself from it. It was agonizing. And still there is justification on my part, and resentment – that’s why I was feeling uncomfortable. And I was afraid you were going to say that relationships can always work. And that would suggest I had failed. Actually, I did fail, I failed to see myself and the person that I was marrying accurately. I wasn’t marrying him. I was marrying my creation of him. I’ve not yet forgiven him for not being who I created in my mind. Ah, Elizabeth dear. Always, there is more work to do. But, I needn’t have worried as I listened. You spoke of the complexities of relationship so clearly. Very, very well done.