Facebook Birthday…oops!

Oct 31, 2009 by

Facebook Birthday…oops!

My friend’s birthday was Sunday. I saw a note about it on Facebook.

I kept thinking about sending her a birthday message. I probably reminded myself 7 or 8 times in the week. But, truth be told, I still hadn’t by the time the day came.

Coffee & Company Santa Maria, CaliforniaWhen the day was upon me, I came up with an alternate plan. I’d stop by the coffee house she owns and wish her the happiest of returns on, what was now to be, the anniversary of her birth.

Candies Coffee & Company, 254 Town Center West, Santa Maria, CA

Candie's Coffee & Company, 245 Town Center West, Santa Maria, CA

Ooops! The day went by and I hadn’t gotten there. Next plan: I, the avid texting fiend, would dash off to her a happy-go-lucky little text ditty of “Happy Birthday”. But, best laid plans, and all that, suddenly my eyes flew open as I was laying in bed that night when I realized it was not only too late to text or call but that it was already, technically, the early morning hours signaling the day after her birthday.

Still, as the days went by, I knew I wanted to find a time and way to let her know she’d been in my thoughts.

Yesterday, Thursday was the first time I’d seen her since her birthday.
I stopped at the coffeehouse, with my partner, so could grab a quick beverage of pleasure.

As expected, there was my sweet friend, sparkling and bright-eyed, greeting her customers with her sunny charm and genuine warmth.

Her smile always lights both her shop and her soul, and when suddenly her laughter kicks the air, well, you can’t help but find yourself captured and chuckling right along.

On this day, my partner and I grabbed our coffees, chatted for a few minutes with my friend and her fiance and then we said our jovial goodbyes and left.

Climb into the car. Buckle the seatbelt. Start the car. Raring to go. Suddenly it hits me!!! Remember, I’d missed the birthday, and now I’d almost missed this opportunity!!!

I asked my partner if she’d run back in with me and sing “Happy Birthday” to our friend. She was ALL for it.

So, in we ran.
Quickly we posed.
Harmonizingly we sang.

And, as my sweet friend’s gentle eyes filled with tears I thought to myself, maybe it was okay my loving wishes for the happiness of her birth came a little bit later than I had planned.

For in her beautiful brown eyes I saw the reminder of a lesson I want to never take for granted:

Sometimes the offerings we least expect offer us our deepest joy.

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  1. Happy Birthday, sweet one!!! Again!!! 🙂

  2. Candice Merast

    Hey guys!!
    Thanks so much for the birthday song, it meant so much to me to have the both of you sing on the “aniversary of my birth” lol 😉 I love the blog and the site as well. love you guys!!! muah kiss kiss from me and joe