Reach out

Oct 22, 2009 by

Reach out

God Adam Cistine ChapelReaching out when life is hurting can be the most frightening thought we can consider.

We fear rejection.
We fear disappointment.
We fear silence.

But, when pain engulfs our life, the smoke and flames can blind us to the exit labeled SOLUTION.
Times such as these we need the eyes, heart, mind, and strong arms of those who can see the difficulties in our personal world with a fresh view.

We are enriched when we reach to those who care for us.
We are embraced when we reach to those who love us.

Humankind is a species dependent on its interconnectedness. In other words, the need to connect, to help each other, to hold one another close is what makes us, well, human.

And remember, when we reach out we offer something to the ones we reach to. We offer them the special opportunity to GIVE.

Life is an amazing opportunity to share time with each other.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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  1. It is greatly rewarding to know that the site had this impact on you. This is the energy we attempt to offer, one that allows the participant the opportunity to do with the work what feelings most empowering for them. Thank you, so much for your words of reinforcement!!

  2. Donna Morask

    As I read Reach Out, I was reflecting on the events in my life over the past few weeks. Life lessons, epiphanies and enlightenment, sorrow and grief for those recently passed over in spirit… this piece touched my heart and brought forth a recall from the “peaceful warrior” training. A Glimpse of the Possible; Most of us can recall rare and happy occasions when we experienced a quiet, simple, happy moment of clarity, when the storms of thought stilled and the world seemed peaceful and silent and bright… It is possible to feel this when we no longer pay attention to our mind’s incessant chatter. The Peaceful Warrior believes that happiness is a moment to moment practice, accessible at any time we choose. I strive now to practice happiness with a warriors discipline. Your most inspiring site, Moments Count is a gift… and yes, moments do count.