Go on…pick a color! Any color!

Oct 16, 2009 by

Go on…pick a color! Any color!

If you were to grab a box of colors and draw “you” what does it look like?

Which color would catch you first?

Where would you put the first mark? The left upper corner? The bottom right, toward the edge? Or, would you begin smack dab in the center of the sheet?!

Is the image in your head before you start? Do you know what you’re drawing already? Or is it something that will have to evolve as you go?

What choices define what you lay on the surface before you?

Will the picture be a specific representation of something literal, like a bridge or a tree? Maybe you see yourself as an amusement park ride or a totem, like an animal that inspires you? Or will you cast aside expectations of exactitude spilling out shapes and shades of only your own secret definition, something asserting the abstract within or about you?

You get to decide.

It’s all CORRECT.
It’s your DECISION of YOU.
Let your mind unfurl onto the wind of your imagination.

You can be lines along a graph, definitive and clear.
You can be dots upon a canvas, expressive and suggestive.
You can be swirls throughout the universe, cosmic and mysterious.

You can be anything.

Perhaps you’re a scarred and well-used solid work-worn steel hammer enjoying a hard earned rest, lying on a richly golden plank of virgin lumber.

Or maybe a white- and red-checkered tablecloth in the middle of a grassy plain on an exquisite day, stimulated and aroused by the tussle snap of the summer wind.

You can be everything.

You are the inspiration of your own art.

You are the inspiration of your own life.

Be your masterpiece.

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