Your Excellent Adventure

May 17, 2012 by

Your Excellent Adventure

A few weeks ago I was standing off to the side in a quiet airport. I overheard a man talking with his friend. He was recounting all the things he wanted to do “someday”. The list of items he noted was, in many ways, fairly typical of ideas that people have about improving the quality of their lives and also fairly easy to do. Here are some of the points he hit,  “eat better”, “exercise more”, “get some travel in”, “take more time for myself”, “spend more time having fun” etc.. Interestingly, in the end he topped his list off with  “I’m gonna figure out how the hell to be happy!!” Then he chuckled loudly. So did his friend.

Honestly, I’ve thought about that conversation a lot over these weeks.

So I ask you, does it ever strike you, as it does me, that sometimes we are so busy living that we forget to LIVE?

I mean we are so focused on surviving the up and downs, the back and forths, the to and fros of our day to day that we think of our “life” as something we will get to have one day —– in the future.

But today, this moment, this instant IS your LIFE. Right now all the things you want to do one day can become things you ARE doing, you ARE creating, you ARE being, you ARE planning, you ARE changing, you ARE having, you ARE beginning.

It may feel like you can only react to external circumstances that seem to control your life.  You may feel you have no choices about the direction of your life.  But, in reality, you are making a choice to react to your life rather than create self-directed action in your life.

When you choose to unlock the door and walk into your “someday” room it becomes your “TODAY” room.

When you begin living your life with a “today” vision you find yourself having more fun, feeling more productive, being happier, accomplishing more. In part, because you find yourself committing more to those things that you find interesting, doable, creative, thought-provoking, relevant, solvable, challenging, stimulating, affirming. You will quickly find your refreshed vision and evolving ideas will manifest your best life today. You begin to clearly seeing “how the hell to be happy!”

So why wait. Choose happiness today and begin living your own Excellent Adventure!