Engage, inspire, challenge, change, motivate, empower your audience. Brooke is funny, fearless fresh and enjoyably controversial.

Brooke Leigh Sheldon is devoted to global peace, personal worth and empowerment. She focuses on issues such as personal, organizational and governmental responsibility, attentive communication and embracing diversity as the core element of our strength. Brooke has a broad educational and diverse experiential background in applied psychology. Don’t expect static or mundane speeches from Brooke. Expect a vibrant, witty, controversial performance with depth that will make your audience rethink their previous world view.

Brooke has been a popular talk radio host, singer and performer as well as accomplished entrepreneur and executive. You will find her comfortable and experienced in any media forum. Use the form below to check Brooke’s schedule to see if she is available for your event.

Every speech is tailored to your event and needs.

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Topics include:

* Psychology: The Relevance of Self and Your Relationship with The World
* Making Moments Count
* Leadership, Team Building, Motivation
* Cross Cultural Issues
* Diversity, Tolerance and Acceptance and Social Responsibility
* Attitude, Positive Vs Negative, Impact on Health and Welfare
* Courage, Overcoming Adversity
* Self-esteem
* Dispute and Conflict Resolution
* Stress Management
* Peace in the World and Peace in Your Life