Brooke Leigh Sheldon and Valli Keller are writers and creators of self-help books and products such as Bilateral Music which can be found here.

Brooke Leigh Sheldon photo by Luis Escobar

Brooke Leigh Sheldon photo by Luis Escobar

Brooke Leigh Sheldon

Anchor/Executive Producer

Philosopher, Humanitarian, Author, Speaker, Educator, Psychotherapist, Radio Show Host, Entrepreneur, Strategic Business Adviser, Philanthropist, Leadership Authority, Performance Optimizer.

Brooke Leigh Sheldon is an authority on the philosophy and psychology of leadership and life empowerment. She has been consistently recognized for her strategic intellect, negotiation skills, organizational revitalization, managerial guidance and humanitarian endeavors.
Brooke has impacted the lives of people throughout the globe with her book and articles, radio show, entrepreneurship, therapeutic work, public speaking engagements, multimedia, and live events.
She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Sciences in Counseling and Therapy.
As co-owner of the life enrichment organization Moments Count, Brooke commits daily to the truth of this concept in every interaction and endeavor she embarks upon.
She consults with people and organizations to envision the finest manifestation of their lives and to realize this vision as their destiny.

Valli Keller

Executive Producer/Webmaster/Technical Director

My favorite toys as a child were always toys that transformed into something else. Erector sets, Lincoln Logs, chemistry sets, Tinker Toys and such.  My love of nurturing, fostering, constructing, creating and generally muscling change has never left me and I expect it never will. Life is a learning curve; one big, joyous, tremendous leap upward along a path that is only ever partially known.

My formal education (BA, Theater from UMKC) left me comfortable laughing at my foibles,  talking loudly in public and trying anything! My next career in logistics for a major medical laboratory left me with leadership skills, process management skills, a certification in Myers-Briggs, a certification in Supply Chain Logistics (far more useful and interesting than it sounds!) and a tremendous lot of wonderful friends and mentors.

When I jumped off the cliff of the safely salaried I dabbled in a variety of places finding, ultimately, that this journey is far less about what I am doing than what I am learning from all of you and how I am loving the people and places I find along the way.  My webdesign portfolio can be found here.  My favorite self-help work can be found here.

It’s a good life.  It’s a genuinely fascinating conversation if you let yourself participate. After all….

Moments Count!