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Moments Change Lives
Moments Count is the passion and project of Brooke Leigh Sheldon and Valli Keller.

Committed to the concept that every person has a purpose to discover and use their unique power to change the world we create conversation about people who take it upon themselves to assist, teach and empower others.

Why? Because we know that sharing ideas can set in motion a kind of magical process.

Like ripples that radiate when you drop a pebble into a lake.

By imparting the diverse and caring ways people around the world find to engage and overcome obstacles, to enrich the lives of others and create fairness, we have seen powerful ideas energized, unique opportunities created and courageous organizations manifested.  We have seen people in all walks of life take action to improve the world we all share.

So each time we tell one of your stories about what you are doing to make the world better, the story becomes another one of those pebbles dropped in the water. Someone reads it, listens to it, watches it and says “Hey, I could do something like that here in my world!” or “That’s a great idea, maybe I could do that with the issue that is important to me!” We become role models and mentors for one another.

The ripples spread, becoming inspiration, translate into action and become positive change in the world.

So we spread the word about the things you are doing to make this a better world.

We also realize, and we hope you do too, that the amazing things you are doing to create positive change will, all by themselves, have a ripple effect. Each life you touch will be changed. Each person impacted and changed will be more likely to go out and create more positive change because of your actions and their recognition of the effect you had on them.

Call it what you will, “paying it forward” or “giving back”. No matter what you call it the effect is the same.  Kindness and empathy change hearts, change minds, change people and change our world.

Take our interview with (Zee) Zainab Becket, for example: in her first two years of working to improve the conditions for the residents of Sierra Leone in west Africa, Zainab gave 14,000 people healthy drinking water to replace the disease ridden river water they had been drinking before. She didn’t start out planning to change the world, she was just watching a television program that inspired her. From a tidbit of information a commitment and desire to help was born. In its wake lives were ever altered, even saved.

Now, consider that because we have shared Zee’s story on the worldwide web, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a world where almost 4 Billion people surf the Internet daily. Imagine how much farther the ripple effect of Zee Becket’s work will extend? Truly, it’s anybody’s guess. But you and I both know that more people will be impacted by exposure to her powerful story just because it was publicized, recognized and shared.

So, if there is something you are doing to change one person’s life or an issue in your community or the state of the world as you see it, we want to hear about it!  Because honestly, what you are doing could very well start a movement, a wave of change, if enough people hear about it.

And if you want to do something to change your world – locally or globally – browse through our stories.  Get inspired.

Then ….

Drop a pebble of your own into the water and watch the ripples spread. Really, you will be amazed at what you can do. And that’s a groovy kind of amazing.

Then, come tell us what you are doing

Because, at Moments Count all we do is drop pebbles in the water.

Thanks for standing at the water’s edge with us and go ahead…. Drop your pebble in, let’s see what happens.