My Audible Change

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Life can be complicated. You know it. I know it. Complications can create obstacles and obstacles can get in the way of fixing what needs fixing, achieving what we want or reaching the heights we dream of. I know that the power to achieve your goals and make positive changes in your life can seem […]

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Your Excellent Adventure

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A few weeks ago I was standing off to the side in a quiet airport. I overheard a man talking with his friend. He was recounting all the things he wanted to do “someday”. The list of items he noted was, in many ways, fairly typical of ideas that people have about improving the quality […]

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School on wheels brings classes to Indian slums

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HYDERABAD, India — On a hot afternoon, a bright orange bus drives into a slum area of the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, parking amidst shelters made of tarpaulins and bits of wood. Barefoot children come running, eyes shining, and troop inside. It’s a school on wheels that brings education to the doorstep of disadvantaged children […]

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Back on the Road to Enlightenment

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‘The road to enlightenment is long and difficult, which is why I’ve asked all of you to bring sandwiches and a change of clothes’ –B. Kliban I love this quote, it really cracks me up (laughing) I’ve read many variations of this over the years, the first one was a Gary Larson Far Side cartoon, […]

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How to Be Amazed: See the Wonder in Small Things

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Wonder is all around us. When we were children, we saw it everywhere we looked. Everything was new, fresh, amazing. We grabbed the closest adult to show them these small miracles we saw in the world, from the brilliant yellow dandelions spouting through the grass, to the shape-shifting of a summer cloud. As adults, we […]

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FDA ordered to Examine Antibiotic Use on Farm Animals

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From the ASPCA Blog On March 22, a federal judge ruled that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must address the overuse of antibiotics in farm animals. The fact is, factory farms feed drugs like those in the penicillin family to animals even when they’re not sick. The drugs are used to speed up […]

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Capture your Insights

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You know all of those great ideas that come to you in the shower or on the bus or while walking somewhere? Write them down! Don’t let your valuable insights go to waste; they are beautiful expressions of your unique humanness and part of what you have to contribute to the world. Grant yourself a […]

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Lessons from the Elgin gas leak: why we must stop Shell’s Arctic drilling

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Ten days after the leak began, Total is still struggling to contain the gas pouring from its North Sea Elgin platform, citing bad weather as the cause of the delays. Yet, in just 100 days’ time, Shell wants to start drilling for oil in the remote and extreme Arctic environment – claiming it has the […]

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How do we define “us”

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From Ocean Robbins Most often, people congregate or segregate by being around people like themselves.  In country clubs and jazz clubs, in churches and raves, in gangs and in internet chat rooms, most of us, most of the time, are hanging out with people because they have something in common with us.  The idea of […]

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Reflections on a Thirsty Planet

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By Sandra Postel of National Geographic’s Freshwater Initiative Water, I have learned, means different things to different people. To the novelist D. H. Lawrence, water was mysterious.  It is “hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing, that makes it water and nobody knows what that is.” To the anthropologist Loren […]

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